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Stun Gun Batons
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Stun Batons are most effective when you need to keep some distance between yourself and the person or animal you are attempting to protect yourself from. The extended reach of the stun baton combine with its stun capabilities provide an effective weapon and a deterrent against any attack. By maintaining your distance, you will have a tactical advantage in that they will have a hard time getting close or near you. The sight and sound of your firing the stun baton in the air is very intimidating.

One thing to consider when carrying any self defense weapon is to protect the weapon from getting into the hands of your assailant. These stun batons provide two safety advantages you have in preventing this from happening to you. The first one is the wrist strap. By using the wrist strap attached to the stun baton, the baton can not just be snatched out of your hands. It would have to be removed from your wrist in order to take possession of it. The other advantage the stun baton offers is the electrifying charge down the sides of the stun baton. Metal strips are run down the length of the stun baton from the tip for 6 inches. These strips will zap anyone that may try to grab it out of your possession. The metal strips are just as capable of stunning your attacker as the two probes at the tip. By having the sides of the stun baton charged as well, this prevents the attacker from grabbing the stun baton as you're trying to stun him.

The length of the stun baton is another factor you should consider when purchasing a stun baton. There are two lengths: 16 inches for the 300,000 volt and 20 inches for the 500,000 volt stun baton. Always consider the extra reach you'll need or want and also how comfortable it'll be to carry the chosen length. In either case, the holster will be invaluable and great accessory when carrying for extended periods. The nylon holster will fit either baton and has a belt loop so it can hang on your side.

Prevention of dog attacks is one of the most common reason people ask about when ordering a stun baton. Many are concerned that if their dog is engaged in a fight with another dog and they stun the other dog, will it also stun their dog. The answer is no. The stun gun zap effect will not pass through one dog and into another. Stun Batons are designed to pump their energy into the muscle mass of the contact region only and not pass on to other regions or to another grounded source. So, your dog will not feel the effect of the stun baton if you make contact with the other dog.

Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Connecticut or the city of Philadelphia, PA.



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