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Mace® Pepper Gun
The Mace Pepper Spray Gun has a range of 25 ft and contains 28 grams of 10% OC spray, enough for seven shots per canister. Each pepper spray gun is equipped with an LED light, which is trigger activated that allows for better aim to hit your target. Most pepper spray canisters have 6 to 18 feet depending on the type of spray. Mace Pepper Gel has the longest range of up to 25 ft.

Mace Brand is the leading manufacture of pepper spray self defense products. All pepper spray guns are tested by Mace Brand before being packaged for sale. Each pepper spray gun includes one water test cartridge and batteries (for the LED light).

Test firing your pepper spray gun with the water cartridge allows you to become more familiar with its accuracy and functional capabilities. Being familiar with your pepper spray gun will help you protect yourself in a situation that requires self defense.



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