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When you buy Mace® brand pepper spray you are purchasing a nationally known brand name. Mace brand sprays comes in a variety of concentrations and sizes. All Mace pepper sprays contain a particular concentration of OC, an element of cayenne pepper reduced to oleoresin capsicum, which inflames the mucous membranes upon contact, causing temporary blindness and labored breathing. It will cause an attackers eyes to shut almost instantly. It is not lethal, but can be a highly effective deterrent to attackers for 15 to 60 minutes. Some Mace brand sprays contain irritants, such as tear gas, in addition to OC. Irritants may not be as effective as OC at causing temporary injury to those under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but are still extremely powerful. Other Mace brand sprays also contain a UV marking dye that will appear on your assailant's clothing or vehicle and can be useful in apprehending him or her later. Along with common sense, Mace is an invaluable addition to your personal protection plan. Buy it from our Pepper Spray Store!

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