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Massachusetts Pepper Spray Laws

Pepper spray is legal in Massachusetts as long as you obtain Firearms Identification Card from your local police station. There is a fee of 2 dollars and you are required to present two forms of identification. It usually takes 2 to 3 days before you will receive it.

You cannot purchase pepper spray on the Internet or online for shipment to Massachusetts. All pepper sprays must be purchased from a licensed firearms dealer. It is illegal to ship pepper spray through the mail or UPS into the state of Massachusetts.

State laws prohibit the use of any self defense spray against a person or animal unless your being attacked or in an extremely threatening situation. As with all other states, use of pepper spray in any other situation is considered a serious crime.

Animal pepper spray is legal in Massachusetts. Animal pepper spray can be used on all type of attacking wild animal such as racoons, fox, or that vicious dog!

It is legal to purchase dog and bear sprays from our store for shipment to Massachusetts!





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