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Michigan Pepper Spray Laws


In Michigan regular pepper sprays for self defense are illegal. All self defense sprays sold in Michigan must meet regulations established by Michigan law. Michigan approved pepper sprays are a type of tear gas known as CS. All canisters are restricted on size and cannot exceed 35 grams in size. Furthermore they may not exceed more than two percent Oleoresin Capsicum (OC).

Mace brand products formulated several different type of defense sprays to meet Michigan established regulations. Therefore you can purchase Michigan approved self defense spray on line, from our store.

Michigan approved sprays can be carried in public, and possessed by anyone 18 years of age and older. It is a crime to use any kind of self defense spray for any illegal activity, or in commission of a crime. Self defense sprays should only be used to defend yourself against an attacker, protecting personal property, an attacking or aggressive animal.

Animal pepper sprays such as Mace Muzzle spray and Bear Pepper Spray Repellent are legal to carry as long as it is properly labeled for that use. These sprays are very powerful and far more effective than standard Michigan CS spray. These spray are designed to temporarily stun or incapacitate an attacking or aggressive animal.

Animal pepper sprays can be purchased from our store for shipment to Michigan!




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