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Wisconsin Pepper Spray Laws

In Wisconsin the age limit for carrying concealed pepper spray, or transporting pepper spray is 18. Wisconsin law allows you to defend yourself with pepper if you are attacked or about to become the victim of an attack.

Wisconsin laws do not allow any typed of pepper spray that Contains MACE, tear gas, or UV dies (UV dies are common and used by the police). The strongest pepper spray concentration that is legal to posses in Wisconsin is 10 percent OC ( Oleoresin Capsicum is the active ingredient in pepper spray. OC is the oil derived from hot pepper). All canisters must have safety feature like a flip top and be under 2 ounces of spray. When purchasing pepper spray be sure that you are not exceeding the 10 percent limit in Wisconsin. Several manufactures offer 15 percent OC spray. When purchasing in stores be sure your not buying a weak 2 percent spray that is often found in most stores.

Never store your pepper spray in your car or any area that exceeds 120 degrees. This is the maximum temperature to safely keep your pepper spray canister from leaking or rupturing!

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