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Dog Pepper Spray

Dog Safety Tips:

Dog pepper spray and bear pepper spray are a great self defense product for an unexpected attack from a dog, bear, or wild animal. Furthermore they can be used effectively on a person that might attack you or cause you harm. Essentially they can serve as a dual purpose. These pepper sprays are also effective on other wild animals that might carry rabies.

Dog Pepper Spray:

Mace Brand Muzzle dog repellent gives you protection against other aggressive dogs that might attack you or your pet. Mace muzzle brand dog repellent is legal in most areas where pepper spray is illegal. Always use caution when trying to avoid a confrontation with your pet and another dog. Should you see an unleashed or aggressive dog, simply rush out of their field of vision as quickly as possible by turning onto a different street or traveling the opposite direction from where they are located. In a hostile situation, never pick your pet up as you could now be the focus of attack by an aggressive dog. Dog bites are painful! Most aggressive dogs will temporarily become disoriented with irritated eyes after a good shot of dog pepper spray. This will give you time to distance yourself from harms way.




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