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Bear Pepper Spray

Bear Safety Tips:

Bear pepper spray is a great self defense product for an unexpected attack from a dog, bear, or wild animal.  Furthermore they can be used effectively on a person that might attack you or cause you harm.  Essentially they can serve as a dual purpose.  These pepper sprays are also effective on other wild animals that might carry rabies.

When traveling to areas bears habitat you should always use caution. Check with other tourists, locals or park rangers for any recent bear sightings or activity.  Encounters with bears occur when you let your guard down and least expect it.

Bears are active in the early morning hours and at dusk.  This doesn't mean you won't see them at other times in daylight hours.  You should use extreme caution at all times when in bear country, especially at dusk and dawn. As beautiful as bears are to watch in the wild, always keep distance from mother bears with their cubs.  Mother bears are extremely protective of there cubs and will protect them at all costs and more aggressively than an ordinary bear.

If you are staying in bear country, use caution when preparing food.  Bears can smell food cooking from miles away.  They can also smell other food items from a short distance away.  This is an invitation for them to come visit you.

If you are camping be sure to keep all food in a secure bear bunker or tied up with a rope high in the air and away from trees.  This should be a distance far enough away from your campsite that you can leave the area safely once the intruding bears becomes interested in your food.

Keep your bear spray handy and always walk away from any bear encounter you might have.  Never run! If you run, a bear will think you are prey trying to escape, and the bear will mistake you for his next tasty meal that he has been hunting for. Should the bear still persist and you are unable to get away, curl up in the fetal position and use you hands to cover your neck.




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