Stun Guns For Self Defense

Stun Guns

Stun guns are the second most popular self defense product in the USA. They are only out sold by pepper spray for use as a self defense product.

Stun guns are a hand held device with two or more prongs on one end that deliver an electrical shock when contact is made with a person or animal. The electrical charge is applied to an attacker for 3 to 5 seconds and will incapacitate an them for a short period of time.  These effects of a stun gun are short term and usually have no long term effects.

Over the past few years stun guns have gotten more compact and more powerful. Several years ago the average stun guns had no more than 100,000 volts. Cell phone stun guns and flashlight stun guns are inconspicuous as they look like an everyday thing someone would be carrying. Today most stun guns range from 1.2 million volts to 4.5 million volts for the most powerful one available.

The voltage output of a stun gun is important as it increases the effectiveness of the shock and decreases the length of time needed to stun and disable an attacker.
Remember to check with your local law enforcement on any stun gun restrictions for the area you plan on carrying it in!

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